..Crane bird..

The crane is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth, if you fold a thousand origami cranes you will be granted a wish by a crane according to an ancient Japanese legend.

Lately I received different cranes. 
One folded of old book paper, which is hanging nicely on a neon pink string (so still a thousand to fold).
And new crane embroidery scissors, they are perfect for cutting my threads.
Bought them at the wonderful shop of Ganiveteria Roca in the centre of Barcelona.

..CERAMIK Justyna Łodzińska..

Recently I found out that one of my colleague's has a sister who makes beautiful ceramics. So I asked him if he could bring me some plates when he went back home to Poland so I can share them as gifts with friends. I especially liked  these plates that have doilies imprinted in them which creates a nice three dimensional effect.
Justyna Łodzińska has a website, which only is in Polish unfortunately, which is a hard language to understand as a foreigner. But I am sure you can contact her for information. Because these plates can't go unnoticed!


Our boys room, they are sharing a room, is already in need for some changes.
Even big changes, every boy a room of their own is the question?
So we are contemplating who to sleep and play where.
I have been trying out pinterest to get some images together for the rooms.


What it is like to be 40?

Great parties and get togethers with friends and family.

A lovely SUPRISE birthday (book) from my boyfriend, getting to eat at Parkheuvel and receiving a trip to NY!

To busy to update my blog, but already thinking what to my NEXT STEP is going to be.

Work, work and work al little more but always with a SMILE.

TWO GREAT BOYS that are growing older so fast, that you have to try to enjoy it more.

In a way my friend RAQUEL who just visited said it all with her present an illustration by Elisa Munso Griful.

This lady on the bicycle has stolen my heart is going to have a special place in our house.


.. In need for some colour..

lantarns at the Parade

garland in my bedroom

hand embroidered girls jacket from the seventies

my friend Mireia making her own felt flowers

..7 rings..


Seven rings for seven days and one happy woman!

silver rings by Wouters and Hendrix, My favourites!

.. A.B.C.D.E.F.G..HOLA..

HOLA, let me introduce Raquel Vela.

She has been featured in this blog showing her wonderful home in the Eixample in Barcelona.
Next to being a gifted landscape architect, she also makes beautiful drawings.

She works as a illustrator and has made this animal abecedary, for now in Catalan. Which is nice for me because we educate our children in two languages, Dutch and Catalan. But even if you do not speak the language the alphabet invites to make words.

So, if you like her illustrations you can say HOLA to her here.
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